Walkietalkie 2.7.6

Speak to your friends over the Internet


  • Uses very little system resources
  • Simple means of communication


  • Not at all like a real walkie


I remember fondly the days when walkie talkies ruled the world of communication but since the advent of mobile phones and the Internet I thought I'd never utter the words "10-4 receiving" again.

I was pleased to hear about Walkietalkie then, a program designed around the famous old handsets, which lets you talk to your pals through the Net.

The application sends data at just 13kbps, making it ideal for use with online video games, which often demand most of your PC's resources for themselves.

I was disappointed that the program doesn't completely replicate a real walkie talkie, allowing you to talk with each other simultaneously and not making any "krsssh" sounds before you speak.

This is the 21st century though, and as a means of communicating via voice without using up a lot of system resources, Walkietalkie does a great job.

Walkietalkie is a program which allows full duplex voice communications over the internet. All both parties need is a PC and a microphone. It is free to use and distribute.



Walkietalkie 2.7.6

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    best phone, i liikes this phone because the very easy to us my pc and ihave many freids in the word.
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